America: Land of the Freeloaders and Deadbeats

It truly was an emotional time for many people when Barack Obama became the leader of the White House. The country was divided into democrats who were crying their eyes out because here comes a president that will push the well-deserved welfare, while the republicans wondered where the next Lee Harvey Oswald is going to come from. Let’s look at the bright side, within a few years everyone will be crying tears of pain while China takes down the American flag.

To quote Benjamin Franklin, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” It’s a novel idea to serve the people with welfare and money, but at the cost of losing everything Mr. President should consider other alternatives and the words of a wise man. Yes, politicians are built to make outrageous promises they can’t keep and increasing welfare is one promise that shouldn’t have been kept. Why? It’s simply not sustainable. America’s failure to pay its debt is scaring off the good investors while China is licking chopsticks like a predator, waiting for its prey to become completely weak.

Assuming for a second that just half of the freeloaders get off the drugs and start working then maybe things might go better. Let the heroes of our military enjoy some free health-care and education, they damn well deserve it, but what about the guys in the crack house singing to the tune of sweet Mary Jane? Are they going to fight the Chinese when they take over because they already own a substantial amount of America’s debt? The military is receiving less funding, freeloaders are getting more and to hell with the consequences.

Okay, let’s be fair. A politician’s job is to serve the nation, or at least that is the “idea” they present, and Obama isn’t the only guilty party for wasting millions of dollars. America is full of conspiracies and inaccurate history, but it doesn’t give the freeloaders a right to cripple the country. To top it off the President is letting them. If America continues to endorse the state of welfare there won’t be a country to live in, much less receive free health-care.

How the republicans are going to approach the next election without the trump card of giving away money is going to be tricky. Although I do think they will be able to win most of the freeloaders if they legalize all drugs and prostitution. It’s the only way to get the freeloaders to contribute to some of the tax.


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