Review: Buy Rayman Legends Now And Thank Me Later

Looking for a FUN video game that is brimming with creativity with over 80+ levels of gameplay that you can play for hours at a time until you run out marijuana?  Run up to your local game shop and get Rayman Legends now! (Rayman Legends is available for XBox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii U, PS 4, XBox One and Vita).

Raymand Legends is a complex side-scrolling platform game with a simplistic controller interface and a sick soundtrack.  As the game goes on the gamer will need to rely on quick-thinking maneuvering across an ever-increasing difficult game.

There is also an endless amount of characters to unlock.  We rolled with Ursula who is an homage to the Bond Girl Ursula Andress from the film Dr. No.

All in all, Legends is a very worthy game for parents, hardcore gamers, and the general audience alike.



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