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Citi Approve Payment Plan

  • Allows a Citi customer to sign up for the Citi “Recurring Payment” activation system
  • The site is operated by Citibank, N.A.
  • The Recurring Payment plan allows a customer to make a payment automatically each month without having to sign into their Citi account
  • Any questions about the Approve Pay site can be directed to 1-866-422-3091

To sign up for the Citi Recurring Payment Plan the user will need the last 4 digits of their Account Number, Recurring Plan Code, and Zip Code associated with the given Citi Account.  Please note that the customer will have 48 hours to activate the recurring payment plan after speaking with the Citi representative.


  • World wide retail bank
  • Commonly known as Citibank
  • Serves more than 100 million customers world-wide and operates in over 40 countries

Citi has over 4,600 branches world-wide with over $300 billion dollars in holding in these branches.  The firm has operation in some of the most respected cities in the world to include Washington, D.C., New York, Moscow and Tokyo.

Citi Five Business Segments

  1. Retail Banking (Checking and Savings accounts, Small Business and Wealth Management)
  2. Citi Branded Cards (Citi ThankYou, Citi Simplicity)
  3. CitiMortgage (Assist homeowners in finding their perfect home)
  4. Citi Commercial Bank (Designed for Small to Medium size businesses)
  5. Retail Services (Includes Blue Chip companies like Home Depot, Sears, and Exxon Mobil)

Citi is rivaled by Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and HBC.  Citi has a market cap of $145 billion dollars and employees nearly 250,000 people world-wide.


  • Customers can sign up for automated payments
  • www.approvepay.citi.com


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