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OneTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring

  • Allows a user to upgrade their current Blood Glucose Monitoring System to the OneTouch meter
  • The site is operated by LifeScan, Inc.
  • According to the site the upgrade comes at no additional cost but customers should double-check with their current insurance company before placing an order

To start the upgrade process the user will need the brochure code number and then select the current blood glucose monitor in use (or select the option for first time glucose monitor user).  After the user has entered the initial step one information they will then have to pick a OneTouch Meter.

Popular options include:

  1. OneTouch UltraMini Silver Moon
  2. OneTouch UltraMini Pink Glow
  3. OneTouch Ultra 2

Shipping information is then required after the customer has selected their desired OneTouch glucose meter.  The customer will have to provide their name, address, zip code and phone number (email address is optional).  The customer will also have the chance to opt in to receive diabetes-related information and promotional offers from LifeScan.

Other Needed Information by OneTouch Order Points

  • Customers Date of Birth
  • The year they were first diagnosed with diabetes
  • How long they have had their current meter
  • How often they test their blood sugar
  • Methods used to manage diabetes

The entire ordering process will take between 5 to 10 minutes.  Any questions or concerns about the OneTouch Order Points site can be directed to 1-800-227-8862.

LifeScan, Inc.

  • Owned and operated by Johnson & Johnson
  • Specializes in the sales of Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
  • Based out of California with operations in Scotland; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada; and Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

LifeScan markets Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems to both home and hospital customers.  It is estimated that over 5 million people per day use a blood monitoring system sold by LifeTouch.  The company employs over 2500 people and is considered the #1 most prescribed brand by Endocrinologists and Primary Care Physicians.


  • Order a OneTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
  • www.onetouch.orderpoints.com


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