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T-Mobile Verify Eligibility (Last Update April 15, 2016)

  • Allows a T-Mobile customer to confirm Advantage Program benefits
  • Customer who have already submitted eligibility info can check the status
  • All users should check with their local HR department tp ensure T-Mobile Advantage Program participation

Customer will know they will have to verify program enrollment when they receive a postcard in the mail or a text message requesting them to verify their eligibility.  The customer will have a date in which they have to verify benefits by and this date will be displayed on the postcard or text message.  Failure to verify by this date may result in a suspension of the account.

Information Required When Confirming Eligibility

  1. T-Mobile Mobile/Cell Number (XXX-XXX-XXXX)
  2. Billing account number
  3. Account holders first and last name

Once the user has verified their eligibility there is nothing left to do and the customer will continue to receive a monthly discount while they remain eligible.  All program members who leave their employment organization in which they were obtain the discount through, will not be renewed once the T-Mobile Advantage Program verification period has been closed.

Other Program Facts

  • Removal notifications will be delivered via text message
  • T-Mobile will regularly validate program members to ensure they are receiving the correct benefit
  • When signing up for the first time the employee will need the paystub listing from the participating organization or a valid email address with that organization’s domain

If a user would like to nominate an employer to participate in the T-Mobile Advantage Program they will have to submit a request to a T-Mobile contact rep.

T-Mobile Advantage Program Benefits

  1. No annual service contracts
  2. Members will receive a $25 T-Mobile Advantage Reward card when making eligible purchases
  3. 4G LTE network access
  4. No overages
  5. State of the art upgrades

Please note that when providing the billing account number check past bills and it will be 9 digits long.  All members who are retirees of a organzaion that belongs to the program can still receive the discount by submiting a pension check from last 90 days with First and Last Name matching First and Last Name on the account.


  • Verify T-Mobile Advantage Program Benefits
  • www.t-mobile.com/verify

Other References

  1. T-Mobile Program FAQ


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