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Walgreens Rewards

  • Allows a customer to activate their membership online or returning members can sign in with a username and password
  • Membership rewards a customer  for healthy activities they do every day in the form of reward points
  • These points can be exchanged at any Walgreens or Duane Reade store during a purchase or online at Walgreens.com with as little as 5,000 points

When making a redemption in store the customer must notify the sales associate that they would like to use their reward points at the time of check out.  The member has the option to redeem all, some, or none of the Walgreen Reward Balance points.

Walgreens Rewards Redemption Chart

  1. 5000 POINTS = $5.00
  2. 10000 = $10.00
  3. 18,000 = $20.00
  4. 30,000 = $35.00
  5. 40,000 = $50.00

Please note that the maximum amount of points a member can redeem at any one time is 40,000.  Reward points do have an expiration date and will expire if not used within 3 years from the date the points were earned or if an account has not been used in 6 months.

Other Facts and Info

  • Customers do not need a physical card to earn points, simply provide the account phone number at the time of purchase
  • Walgreens Balance Reward membership is free
  • Points are earned by making qualified purchases with the Balance Rewards card
  • Members must be 13 years of age or older in order to join
  • Point balance can be found on a Walgreens receipt or by calling (855) 225-0400
  • Family accounts can be linked by calling (855) 225-0400

Please note that members cannot transfer points between account.  Linking account will result in two accounts becoming one.  Starting on 10/25/12 the balance rewards program was made available at Duane Reade stores. 

Special Benefits for AARP Members

  • AARP Members will receive a bonus of 5 exclusive points offers and 5,000 points when spending at least $25 monthly
  • Simply link AARP membership card and Walgreens Balance rewards in store or by calling (855) 225-0400


  • Join or access Balance Rewards online
  • For both Walgreens or Duane Reade customers
  • www.walgreens.com/balance


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