Review: Taco Bell Hits a Homerun with the XXL Steak Crispy Taco

Drop whatever your doing and go get the new XXL Steak Taco from Taco Bell!  This taco is one of the best promotions Taco Bell has came out with in the last 10 years.  The XXL Steak Taco is about equal to two regular tacos in terms of size and features quality thick cut steak (nice and lean) with a tasty avocado ranch sauce piled with cheddar cheese, low fat sour cream and lettuce.  The XXL shell defintely has a different texture than the regular tacos… it is more crispier and more sturdy.

XXL Taco Review

XXL Steak Taco pricing and calorie highlights as follows:

  • cost $3.19
  • calories 430
  • dreaded carbs 26 grams
  • proten 24 grams
  • total fat 25 grams

Go get yourself a Taco Bell XXL Steak Taco and thank me later.


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