Something Smells Bad At Raising Cane’s

Upon entering Raising Cane’s something just didn’t smell right.  It was my first visit and I was looking forward to trying a fast food restaurant that lived or died by only one main menu item in the form of Chicken Fingers.  My initial thoughts were if this place has the nerve to only serve one item they must be the best damn Chicken Fingers in the US…. boy was I in for a surprise.

I ordered the “Box Combo” which includes 4 chicken fingers, fries, coleslaw, Texas toast (I’m a shame they use the word Texas in it), one serving of Cane’s special sauce and a drink (Dr Pepper for life son!).

Well the first thing I opted to try was obviously the Chicken Tenders.  Not only were these chicken fingers cool to the touch but they were overcooked and smallish in nature.  You would think they would be served hot, crispy, thick and juicy… wrong!  The tenders were not particular crispy or crunchy and in all actuality a tad on the soggy side.  The fries and Texas toast were very average.  The coleslaw was pretty good.  The one thing that actually was decent was the special sauce.  Overall I would give this place a D minus and rename it to Raising Dry Chicken Tenders.


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