Stop Using the Internet and Enjoy Your Life, or at Least Try!

According to a recent survey, people have become wearier of using the Internet as far as personal communications, banking, and shopping goes after the Edward Snowden fiasco. The thought of the (NSA) National Security Agency snooping through their computer’s webcam is not too far-fetched in the minds of many Internet users! But can a person’s life become more fulfilled by giving up the Internet? Here are a few reasons why:


Many people are quite emotional about the Internet especially with all the social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. People have fallen in love with individuals online they’ve never even met! It’s a powerful tool for sure, but if you really sit back and think about it, the Internet is equivalent to a parasite, a bit selfish even. It can’t do anything unless you do something for it. For example, you have to download software, program your computer, install virus protection and the like. But if you let your computer sit there, that’s what it will do all day long. It’s not going to go looking for you and tell you how much it misses you. Heck, you could be knocked out on the floor in your home and your computer will just sit there waiting for you to “turn it on.” If you’ve been using the Internet to replace human interaction in your life, it may be time to give your technical device a back seat.


Think about it. When you are online, you can ignore your “inner” callings and go where man has never been able to go before; around the world in a matter of minutes! It’s entertaining for sure. However, while enjoying the travels through cyberspace, have you kept-up with who you are as a person? Are you growing and becoming a better human being or are you stagnant and hide behind an online persona? If you don’t know “who you are” because you can play hide-and-seek online, it might be time to ditch the Internet and “find yourself.”


Generation Y, or X, or whatever letter of the alphabet is the trend for the current generation, is in trouble. You would think that their reason for breathing is to remain on their iPods all day, “tweet” on Twitter, or send photo messages via Snapchat. It seems the purpose in life now is to get the hang of all the new technological thingamajigs that are consistently presented to the populace. But, in order to take a good look at yourself, you have to get rid of all the trimmings. And yes, that means the Internet. Everything must be done in balance to make our lives meaningful. Perhaps its time to shy away from the online frenzy, sit back, and view the world from your “own” eyes.

Overall, no one is saying that you have to give up the Internet “cold turkey.” Perhaps you work online; you certainly have to make a living. The point is “to keep things in perspective.”


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