www.unionworkerscredit.com reviews – Union Workers Scam?

Union Workers Credit Services

  • Union Workers Credit Services offers its members suppose benefits to include discounts when traveling, hotels, and cruises
  • Has MANY unfavorable reviews around the web
  • Not a SCAM, but not a deal anyone should take advantage of

The Union Workers Credit Service states that there is a membership fee, that it is not a credit CARD and it IS a credit LINE for products listed in THEIR catalog.  Although many people may not read the above information (in the fine print), sign up anyways, and then are surprised when they are billed a monthly fee.

Downside of the Service

  • Member fees
  • Horrible customer service
  • Not really a credit card
  • Not good for adults that don’t read the letters carefully enough

Average Reviews from around the web

  1. Yelp:  1 out of 5 stars
  2. BBB:  Grade F
  3. complaintslist:  1.5 out of 5 stars
  4. Ripoff Reports:  688 Reports Found

Union Workers Credit Contact Information

  • Union Workers Credit Services PO Box 569410 Dallas, TX 75356-9410
  • 214-424-6888

A review from the web in regards to the program:

“…Its not a credit card with a credit line of $10k. Its an imaginary credit line to their product line, which you never see. They request that initial $37 fee, which goes to someone’s pocket. It may seem like a small price to pay for such a great deal, but you get nothing in return. So the fat cat collecting that $37 bucks stores that money in his rolls and responds with a Class A “screw you”…”


  • Sign up for the UW credit service program
  • Approval Number needed
  • www.unionworkerscredit.com


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