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Welcome to the Handyman Club of America FREE Gift Center – Please enter your 8 digit Member number and email address to verify your FREE Gifts – You will receive an email alerting you if there are any issues regarding your FREE Gifts – Complains? Call 800- 243-7679

Free Gift Handyman Club of America Site

  • A user can verify a gift from the Handyman Club
  • The user will need their 8 digit Handyman Club Member number and email address
  • Operated by the North American Membership Group Inc.

The Handyman Club of America FREE Gift Center will also alerts the member to any potential issues regarding the free gift.  The alert will come via email.  For Security purpose the member will have to complete a chaptcha.

How to get the free Gift

  1. Navigate to the Free Gift Handyman Club site
  2. Enter the member number
  3. Provide the member email address
  4. Confirm the email address

This “free gift” offer is a result of a consumer mailing in a warranty registration card.  Many users around the net do not provide this membership club with favorable reviews using language such as “The Scam that is the “Handyman Club”.  The club will send you a free gift but in return you have to sign up for the club wich cost money.

Handyman Club of America Gift Center Reviews from Around the Web

  1. “I’ve been a past member of the Handyman club. They have a magazine which is OK. It’s not a scam but it’s not the best deal for info and tips and etc.”
  2. “The articles were not as good as could be found elsewhere and the “free”
  3. “…”free gift”, which I can find in the bargain bin at my local Lowe’s Hardware for $2.00″

The Handyman Free Gift Membership offer is not the best deal but it is definitely not a scam.  Be on the look out for “Fisherman’s Club” and the “North American Hunting Club” membership offers as they are very similar.

Handyman Club of America

This membership club provides articles and videos in regards to the latest tools, materials, projects and skills with people who are similar to Tim “the Toolman” Taylor.  The club was founded in January of 1993 and is based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota.  If needed they can be reached by phone at: (800) 243-7679.


  • Verify a free gift from the Handyman Club
  • Complaints can be directed to 800- 243-7679
  • www.freegift.handymanclub.com

Other References

  1. www.facebook.com/HandymanClub
  2. handy.scout.com


We can be reached at sitepostone@gmail.com

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