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My Wells Fargo Rewards

  • A rewards program designed for Wells Fargo Credit Card customers
  • Controlled by Wells Fargo Corporate, 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California 94163
  • Members can choose from gift cards, travel, popular brand-name merchandise, charitable donations and cash redemption options

The program also allows a member to track reward points online, redeem rewards and contact Wells Fargo customer service.  When redeeming Wells Fargo rewards for airline tickets members may be an additional $24 per airline ticket processing fee charged by the airline.  Members with a love for technology may want to redeem their rewards for digital items such as mp3 music tracks, games, software, eBooks and audiobooks.

How to enroll?

Only customers with a Wells Fargo credit card are allowed to enroll in this rewards program.  To sing up the customer should sign in to their Wells Fargo Online Banking service and click on the Products and Offers tab… scroll down until the “Learn More” button appears… click on this button and follow the instructions.  Customers can also enroll in the My Wells Fargo Rewards program by calling the number found on the back of their card.

Earning Rewards?

  • Earn 1 point for every $1 in net purchases
  • Rewards currency is calculated throughout the month
  • The Wells Fargo reward currency is subject to expiration (dial 1-877-517-1358 for any questions regarding expiring rewards)
  • Both one-time manual and automatic redemption are available to members

Auto redemption can be set up when a members currency balance reaches a pre-determined threshold (this feature can be turned on or off at anytime by the member).  The My Wells Fargo One-time manual redemption can be done at any time online as long at the member has the qualifying reward balance.  An exciting online redemption auction is offer available to customers who are more tech savoy (old people stay away).  The auction options allows members to brand-name merchandise, pop shows and sporting events with reward currency.

Please remember the My Wells Fargo Rewards can be accessed through the customers Wells Fargo Online Banking by selecting credit card account from the Account Summary page.

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