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My Smart Cash Card

The FlexWage Visa PayCard provides immediate paycheck access to the consumer without the hassle of waiting in long check cashing lines.  The card can be used anywhere VISA Debit is accepted and comes with 24×7 bilingual customer service (for those from Mexico).  More than one card is available to family members upon request.  The My Smart Cash Card also features:

  • Acceptance at thousands of ATMs nationwide, including Allpoint Network ATMs
  • Cell phone text message alerts and balance checks
  • 24/7 online account access
  • Backed by Visa’s award-winning Zero Liability Policy

Any further questions about the My Smart Cash Card can be directed to VISA customer service at 866-466-8025.  Merchants with the INTERLINK symbol will allow customer to only make a purchase when providing their 4-digit PIN number like a debit card.

How does the FlexWage Pay Card work?

  • Activate the card
  • Employers will load customers payroll funds to the FlexWage card account instead of issuing the employee a pay check
  • The funds can then be used to make purchases
  • Customers need to notify their payroll department ASAP upon card arrival

The FlexWage card can also be used to sign up for other cash/check deposits such as IRS tax refunds and other grey hat employers.  Please reload the card at any Visa Readylink location.  Most customers will want to avoid text alerts as enrollment comes at a charge of $1 per month.

Other MySmart Cash Card Highlights and Lowlights

  • This is considered a Payroll Card and is pre-funded and cannot be used like a credit card
  • Look for ATMs with the VISA logo when using the FlexWage card to avoid costly fees
  • Can be used at “SOME” pay at the pump gas stations but may be denied based upon “average purchase of gas” which varies among merchants and how much money is on the card
  • Customers are allowed up to three cards associated with one account

Written correspondence in regards to the FlexWage card can be directed to Cardholder Services, P.O. Box 7235, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-7235.

Cited Links:

  • www.mysmartcashcard.com
  • Visa Ready Link


We can be reached at sitepostone@gmail.com

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