Twitter will not exist in 2020!

Are you tired of hearing about your bff’s new pair of socks they just bought on a random Tuesday afternoon?  Or maybe your sick of seeing selfies of all your friends in a mirror?  Before Twitter (the website) came on the scene, the word ‘twitter’, in some parts of the world, was used as a derogatory term to describe how a person would never shut up talking. The context would be “Oh, you don’t half twitter on about things”, or words to that effect. It’s funny how the descriptive word has carried through to the present day, but the tone in which it is used, has gone from negative to positive. Today people are pleased if they twitter , or to use the modern take on it, ‘Tweet’. How soon then, until it comes full circle and people get sick of hearing about other people’s largely insignificant updates on events in their life, and they no longer want to hear other ‘twittering on’?…

Well, not that far in the future if we listen to the rumblings that can be heard both within and outside the Twitter camps. Here’s a few things to think about regarding the future of the 8th most popular website in the world (according to Alexa);

1) The growth of Twitter is slowing. When this slowing turns into a flat line or decline, so will any plans for big profit for the company.

2) Information overload. As technology envelopes our lives even more, is a constant buzz or alert informing of insignificant occurrences in the monotany of the life of someone we are following, just too much? Will we just switch it off?

3) Twitter isn’t ‘self contained’. It works on other company’s platform so if these change in a way that affects the Twitter experience, it’s users may walk away from it.

4) The awakening. Unlike Face Book, Twitter has limited ‘substance’ to offer. People may realize that off-the-cuff comments, drunken selfies, ill-considered opinions and personal attacks are not doing their lives any favors, when ‘certain’ people are watching them.Whilst no-one really knows what will happen to Twitter in the future, I’m guessing that those people who thought Tweeting was one step too far in the social swamp, will be proven right in the not so distant future.


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