Things To Makes You Feel Better After A Brutal Monday At Work

Apart from visions of strangling your boss and disposing of the body through the shredder, everyone has a mental picture of what they are going to do once they get home. It is diverse as it is strange, just as long as the working day can get locked into the bad memory bank, it doesn’t matter. The following is some of the more popular methods people turn to in order to sleep on a Monday night.


Healthy and brutal, I have a lot of respect for people who can turn hate and stress into a productive process. Heaven knows I’m incapable of sticking to this routine although I’ve tried several times. I suggest that employers stay clear of these people because a jim might not always be in the immediate area.


Hats off to the chef who is probably picturing their co-workers while the carrots are boiling into a soft stew. Cooking is a well-known relaxing tool and another one of those productive processes I’ve failed to master. The few times I tried my family almost sued me for food poisoning. I guess I saw my co-workers too vividly while spicing the carrots.

Watching DIRECTV Television

Now this is something I can relate to. Kicking off your shoes and watching a show that helps your mind to reach a calming place where anything is possible. Television might not be the most intellectual way of detoxing, but sure does the trick, especially when you watch a show like “Hoarders” or “I didn’t know I was pregnant”. Just to be clear, these shows aren’t good, but they make you feel very good about yourself.

Video Games

This is my personal favorite. Video games provides a setting where you can chop people in half if you are stressed or go on a nice adventure when you need to drift away. For those who are unaware, video games release chemicals that equal illegal drugs, in other words a natural and safe drug.


I won’t presume to know what some people put into their cigarettes after a brutal Monday. What I can say I don’t blame them. Whether you smoke a pack of camels or mix it with some parrot salad, it’s better than a criminal record. Colorado, along with some other states, has seen the potential of “missing employer” cases surfacing and made solid preparation. Who cares if it isn’t healthy dammit, with blood pressure ranking as a notorious killer who knows what can happen?

Getting Drunk

Good old alcohol. I guess this one is the most popular because it can be incorporated with all of the above. I don’t suggest doing this every night, but those Mondays that start with traffic jams and ends with thoughts of suicide then getting drunk is on top of the list or relaxation methods. If I may suggest hiding your cellphone because you just might make some calls you can’t remember in the morning.

Decompressing is a natural part of life. Without some way of venting then brutal Mondays are bound to put you in an early grave. Don’t feel ashamed to lose some control while in the comfort of your own home. If you aren’t hurting anybody then bottoms up.


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