Why It’s Fun To Laugh At Others Misfortunes

There are some deep psychological issues in the mind of humans, politicians excluded because they aren’t human, which need some looking into. More specifically, why is the misfortune of others so damn funny? In simple terms, it’s funny because it’s not happening to you.

Notice how the people who are getting laughed at become even more pissed off? It almost seems like there is some balance that needs to be restored. The more pissed off a person gets, the harder the other one laughs. Getting your genitals smashed in the door might not be fun for you, but it can definitely entertain your co-workers. The question should be, why not? If you have the power to lighten up everyone’s day by falling while stepping on the escalator, then make it good.

The truth is we are selfish and cynical creatures, and as long I’m not on the receiving end of the misfortune then I’m going to enjoy the fact that you are. Somebody has to do it. If you find yourself at the receiving end of misfortune then see it this way, you’re offering a public service.


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