Why Do I Hate Stupid People So Much?

You would think that in this day and age stupid people wouldn’t be an issue, but they manage to manifest in various ways. Given there are some people who might be a little slower due to natural causes, there are those that are ignorantly stupid. You know the ones I’m talking about. They stand at the ATM and do and in-depth study of their financial transactions while the line gets longer and longer. Then they have the audacity to step aside and say “Oh sorry, I didn’t see so many people waiting.” Of course you didn’t see anybody waiting because you were too self-involved to notice you bloody idiot.

I don’t even want to start about those who apparently know everything. Have you ever had a conversation in a group and there is this one person who doesn’t know jack shit about the topic, but they insist on giving their opinion? It’s like they just want to hear themselves talk. It’s almost like the dead Minister of Health in South Africa who “insisted” on handing out condoms with AIDS pamphlets stapled through them. Can you believe these people reach such powerful positions?

The worst example of stupid people has to be the reality television “personalities”. I want to say the producers are idiots, but they are making quite a lot of money from the real idiots. Fifty women fighting for one man, Mothers who enter their daughters in beauty pageants, lovers who cheat and worst of all, the mother who has more children than she can count. What is the purpose of these shows? Why do I want to see 30 spoilt brats make Halloween decorations and daughters who curse at their mothers? What I find rather strange is how these people are so “natural” in front of these camera crews. Where do they find these “natural” acting people in the first place?

I must confess, sometimes I find myself doing something stupid as well. The difference between me and the above mentioned people is that I realize my mistake. To all those who have to suffer by working for managers who don’t have a clue what their jobs entail, to those who can’t find a decent thing to watch on television, you have my sympathy. Unfortunately I have to be the bearer of bad news and let you know that stupid people are a dime a dozen.


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