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Calvin Klein Customer Survey

  • Allows a recent CK customer to take a survey in relation to their shopping experience
  • The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and is operated by Quatrics
  • Once the survey is completed in full the customer will receive a coupon for their next visit to Calvin Klein

Please do not complete the survey until the customer has access to a printer.  A printer will be needed to print the coupon certificate at the end of the CK survey.  The information collected will be held confidential and will help better serve CK customers.  To take the survey the customer will need the following information:

  1. CK store number
  2. 4 digit transaction number (please be sure to enter this number carefully, as the users coupon will display this number and they will need the matching receipt to redeem the coupon)
  3.  Internet connection with a working printer

Questions asked during the survey?

  • “How likely is it that you would recommend Calvin Klein to a friend or colleague?”
  • “When you are thinking of the brand Calvin Klein, what are the first few words that come to mind?”
  • “While you were in our store, how satisfied would you say you were during your shopping experience?”

After these and all further questions are answered the customer will be allowed to print the survey coupon.  A bar at the bottom of the Calvin Klein survey page will indicate how far the customer has progressed through the survey.  During the survey the customer will also be asked if they would like to sign up for the Preferred card-based loyalty program if not already enrolled.  This reward program allows a member to earn points for every dollar spent at a CK store.  Once enough points are saved the member will be awarded a certificate toward new purchases.  Customers can sign up during the survey or texting CK2 to 289784.


  • Take a survey by Calvin Klein and earn a coupon
  • www.calvinkleinsurveys.com


We can be reached at sitepostone@gmail.com

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