– Children’s Place Credit Account

Place Credit Account Online

  • Allows a Children’s Place customer to pay a bill, view recent activity and more online
  • Any technical questions can be addressed to 1-866-524-4531
  • Any questions about the actual credit card account should be directed to 1-866-524-4531 Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm ET

The Place Card account online site allows a customer to access their account online with a User ID and password.  New Place Card account users will have to go through a short registration process.  To help protect customers identities they should change their password every 60 to 90 days.  Customer who have not used the site in the last 18 months will have to register for a new username.

What is needed to sign up for Children’s Place Credit Account Online Bill Payment and Paperless Statements:

  • A check associated with a checking account to set up Online Bill Payments
  • An email address to enroll in Paperless Statements

If the customer would like to add another card to their current account simply click on the “Add another card to this User ID” on Account Home.

The Children’s Place

  • Specializes in fashionable child clothing “Big Fashion, Little Prices”
  • Founded in 1989
  • Based out of Secaucus, New Jersey

The Children’s Place offers children’s apparel at a below average price point when compared to designer children clothing retailers.  Age ranges include Big Girls and Big Boys age 4 to 14 and Baby Girls and Baby Boys 6 months-4T.


  • Manage PLACE Card


We can be reached at

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