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C3 College Workshop

  • Allows a user to sign up for a C3 “workshop” with a reservation number and last name
  • The “workshop” is designed to help save on college costs when picking a college
  • Many reviews from around the web question if the site is a scam

The C3 Workshop claim that they provide access to the same right knowledge that has helped thousands of students attain their college dreams.

C3 Workshop Notes

  • There is no cost for attending the workshop or the personal interview although extra services presented during the workshop will come with a fee
  • The workshop includes critical steps and decisions made in each grade of high school in order to prepare a student for college and life on campus
  • Sheds light on college selection, admissions and financial aid processes
  • Students as low as the 8th grade can attend these workshops
  • Family members of the student are encouraged to attend the events
  • Workshops will take 90 minutes to complete but please expect an additional 30 minutes of a hard sell

Is it a scam?

No but towards the end of the personal interview, which consists of some questions to the child about their hobbies and what they like to do in school, the price is finally named in the amount of $1,995.00.


Other reviews from around the web are not favorable.  All in all this “workshop” should be avoided like the plague.  Here are some quotes from around the web in regards to the C3 College Career Workshop:

At this point they had $175 of our money and had done nothing for it. We were locked into a contract that even if we stopped payments we would still be responsible for paying the “loan” we didn’t want

Went to the workshop. Then got called to meet with a very high pressure salesman. He basically insinuated I was a bad parent if I didn’t buy their $2000 program. He was rude and a jerk! I got up and walked out

The Better Business Bureau has C3 LLC graded as a F.


  • Allows a customer to sign up for the C3 Workshop
  • www.c3workshop.com


We can be reached at sitepostone@gmail.com

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