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My Health Check Allina

  • Allina Hospitals & Clinics is now known as Allina Health
  • Focused on Minnesota and western Wisconsin, Allina Health provides a non-profit health care service
  • Moore than 90 clinics, 12 hospitals, 15 pharmacies and their specialty medical services, they aim to effectively treat conditions and illness. In addition, they promote a healthy and quality lifestyle.

More recently Allina Health has teamed up with Life Time Fitness to implement what is known as myHealthCheck. The latter is an innovative way to approach health care and the service is extended to all their staff and physicians.

Myhealthcheck Services

  • helps the staff to prevent illness instead of waiting for it to surface
  • helps users take responsibility in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • hospitals and doctors are typically used for treatment after the patient has become sick, but now these potential patients can keep track of their health before they even need medical help

MyHealthCheck incorporates professional wellness coaches and guidelines for staff members to utilize. Every staff member will receive their own health profile where personal goals can be set along with measuring their progress. This revolutionary program also identifies the risk-factors after employees undergo an evaluation and then offers advice on how to avoid them. The evaluation covers everything from blood work to lifestyle, and staff members are more than welcome to seek advice from the wellness coaches.

Healthy Life Advice

  1. change diet or unhealthy habits
  2. visit the gym more often
  3. walk or run everyday

The MyHealthCheck site will help promote a healthy lifestyle and motivate a user to achieve their desired results.


  • Allows a user to access their Life Time Fitness Account online
  • www.myhealthcheck.com/allina


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