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Dignity Health Bill Payment

  • Allows a customer to pay a bill online
  • Quick way to make a one time payment
  • Using a statement, a Dignity Health customer can simply pay a bill without setting up a username and password
  • Free to use

A Dignity Health customer can either pay a bill online with our without enrollment.  Without enrollment is the quickest method but enrolling will allow the customer access to extra online account features such as the ability to setup payment plans, change insurance information and access linked Dignity Health accounts from other facilities.

Other Service Facts

  • Any issues with the online bill payment service can be directed to 1-877-754-3670
  • A valid email address is needed regardless of the payment method
  • Online Dignity Health Customer Service Enrollment will require the WID number
  • WID numbers can be found on ALL bill invoices

Payment Assistance is available to those who qualify.  Generally the customer has to be poor and in poor health.  The Dignity Health financial hardship staff can assist a customer with locating government or private programs that might help cover the cost for healthcare.  Dignity Helath financial reps will work with customer and help them complete any and all Government applications in which they might be eligible (i.e. Veteran Affairs).  All customer who do not qualify for a Gov operated assistance program are referred to the Dignity Health Payment Assistance Program.

Dignity Health

  • Not for profit health care firm
  • Exempt from federal and state income taxes
  • Operates in 17 states and is the largest not-for-profit hospital provider in Cali
  • Serves MLB San Fransico Giants ballpark (AT&T Park)
  • Is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable health care services

Dignity Health was formed in 1986 and staffs more than 60,000 employees across the Western United States.


  • Allows a user to pay a dignityhealth bill online
  • Operated by the Online Business Office
  • www.dignityhealth.org/billpay


We can be reached at sitepostone@gmail.com

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