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Staples Email Deal Coupons

Frequent Staples shoppers will want to sign up for this promotion.  The Staples email deal promotion allows a customer to sign up to receive coupons, mystery deals, product announcements, the weekly ad and much more by email.  A user must have a valid email address in order to sign up.  Once the customers has provided their email address they should look for exclusive coupon to arrive via email within the next 48 hours.  Customers continue to check their email address for more exclusive offers, coupons and deals.  This promotion literally takes less than 5 seconds to sign up for (no other information is needed besides the customers email address).

Staples Email Deal Recap

  • Requires an email address
  • Lighting quick sign up
  • Members will receive exclusive coupons by email
  • A printer will be needed to use these coupons

Any questions about the promotion should be directed to 1 (800) 333-3330 or by mail at Staples Inc, 500 Staples Dr, Framingham, MA 01702.

Other Staples Promos

  • Staples Rewards Program
  • Weekly Staples Ad
  • Customers receive FREE shipping on delivery orders more than $39.99 when shopping online at Staples.com

Staples is a large office supply store that was founded by businessman and once enemies Leo Kahn and Thomas G. Stemberg.  The company is based out of Framingham, Massachusetts and has an operating revenue over $20 billion dollars.  Staples is in fierce competition with OfficeMax and Office Depot.  Popular products offered include Office Supplies, Furnishing, Beauty, Electronics, Furniture, Laptop & Desktop Computers and even snacks.  Staples is a back to school hot spot but sales slump during the summer season.  Staples can be found in middle class shopping centers in the suburbs of major cities.  The company has social media links on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Please note that most Staples products can be returned within 14 days of the date of purchase (found on the customers receipt) to receive a full refund.


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