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Shell Point Doculivery

  • Allows Shell Point employees to obtain online paystub and W-2 information online
  • Employees will receive a e-mail and/or text message notification when paystubs are available online
  • Previous W-2’s should be available back 7 years

Doculivery Online W-2 delivery is a secure and faster method of delivery versus the mail.  Employees can opt out of receiving a paper W-2 and receive their W-2 online only.

Further Notes

  1. Employees Shell Point User ID is your Company ID plus your 6 digit Employee ID
  2. Shell Point is Company 001
  3. Shell Point Monthly is Company 002
  4. Legacy is Company 018
  5. ACRL is Company 030
  6. Password will be the first letter of the employees first name plus the last name plus the last four digits of the employees SSN i.e. jsmith1234

For example if an employees works for Shell Point and their  employee ID is 7777 their  User ID would be 001007777.  The site provides a User Guide for those who need help operating the Doculivery system.  The site is secured by GeoTrust.  If the user guide is not helpful the employee should contact their local Shell Point HR department.

Shell Point Retirement Community

  • Award-winning, high end, luxury retirement resort
  • Over 200 residents
  • Provides golf course, dining, fitness and a learning academy
  • Based out of Lee County FL

Shell Point Retirement Community offers a variety of jobs to include Dietary Aide (part-time or full-time), Golf Course Groundskeeper (full-time only), LPN’s (on-call as needed) and Servers (full-time or part-time).

Shell Point Employee Benefits

  1. Medical Insurance
  2. No cost On-site employee wellness clinic
  3. Optional short-term disability and additional life insurance
  4. Bridge toll reimbursement
  5. Discount Banking Programs

Please note that Shell Point full-time employees will receive better benefits than part-time employees.  For a list of available jobs visit jobs.shellpoint.org/jobs.


  • Allows a Shell Point employee to view their pay stub online
  • Designed for present and past employees
  • www.doculivery.com/shell point


We can be reached at sitepostone@gmail.com

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