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Capital One Auto PreApproval

  • Provides auto financing for qualified customers
  • The site is operated the Capital One family of companies, including Capital One Bank, N.A. and Capital One, N.A.
  • Requires a personal code to start the application

The Capital One financing site allows a customer to apply online for financing with a personal code.  This code can be found on the mail or email promotion received by the customer.

No Personal Code?

  • If the customer does not have a personal code they will have to provide their name, SSN and zip code in order to start the application.

Any questions about the application can be directed to 1-800-689-1789.

Other Capital One PreApproval Notes Of Interest

  1. Will most likely require a hard pull on the customer’s credit report
  2. Requires a recent pay stub and a utility bill if approved
  3. May come with a higher than average interest rate

Capital One

  • Large US Bank offering a variety of financial products
  • Based out of McLean, Virginia
  • A Fortune 500 Company with nearly 40,000 employees
  • Annual revenue over 20 billion US Dollars

The Capital One bank is considered a top 10 US bank in terms of total assets and deposits.  The firm was incorporated in 1994 and specializes in the mass marketing of credit cards.  Unfortunately Capital One is known for having a great deal of complaints, more than the average credit card issuer.  Besides the US the firm also has operations in Canada and the United Kingdom.  Main competition to the firm include Discover, Visa and Chase Bank.


  • Allows a customer to apply for the Capital One autopreapproval offer
  • Will not affect the applicants credit score
  • www.capitalone.com/autopreapproval


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