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FAMC Home Loan
The FAMC site provides home loan information from Franklin American which can be reached at 1-877-883-1073 with any questions about the service.  The FAMC Home Loan site is intended for use by the borrower/co-borrower.  Access to the site by any other party is strictly prohibited unless you have received express consent from the borrower/co-borrower in advance.  Borrowers will need their User ID and password in order to access their FAMC account online (please note the borrower is allowed three login attempts before they are locked out and will have to reset their password).

How to contact Franklin America Mortgage?

  • email: customerservice@loanadministration.com
  • phone: 1-877-883-1073
  • mail: 501 Corporate Centre Dr #400, Franklin, TN 37067

Franklin American Mortgage Company is King among Kings in the loan industry and is considered one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the United States.  The firm is based out of Franklin, Tennessee (a suburb of Nashville) and was founded in 1993.  The firm has also been awarded the fastest growing companies in middle Tennessee by Business Nashville Magazine.

Home Loan Tips

  • Individuals having trouble paying on a home loan should look into Modification, Forbearance or a Repayment Plan
  • Individuals who can no longer afford to stay in their home should look into a short sale or a deed in lieu
  • Please dial (877) 909-9416 to discuss any of the above named options with a home loan professional

Please note when completing a short sale a borrower will need to allow access to the interior of the given property to enable the firm to determine an appraised value, all parties involved in the short sale must be unrelated or unaffiliated and when/if the property is sold as a short sale the home owner will usually not be able to receive any proceeds from the sale of the property.

Cited Links:

  • www.famchomeloan.com
  • Loan Info


We can be reached at sitepostone@gmail.com

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