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Assurant Solutions Wireless Claim

  • Allows a customer to file or track a wireless phone claim
  • Requires the wireless phone number
  • Includes electrical breakdown, accidental damage, loss and theft claims

Assurant Solutions provides customers provides a fast and easy claims process without having to pay significant repair or replacement costs.  It is required that the customer files a claim within 90 days of the incident in order to be covered.  Please note that customer are allowed two approval claims during a 12-month period for events involving loss, theft or accidental damage.

How to start a claim?

  • Navigate to the My Wireless Claim service
  • Select the cell phone manufacturer
  • Enter the phones 10 digit number
  • Provide the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) or IMEI
  • Enter a valid email address
  • Select a type of payment (credit card, e-checks and debit cards are accepted)

The customer is required to enter their email address as it will be used to provide the claimant with information and updates about the claim process.  The user will be notified by email once the claim has been approved or denied, when the device has shipped, and a tracking number to confirm delivery.  MyWirelessClaims works with popular cell phone manufacturers to include T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T.

Other Relevant Notes

  • Claim documents can be faxed to 1-866-450-4080
  • All IMEI numbers are 15 digits long
  • The fastest was to obtain claim status is to check File or Track My Claim
  • Once a claim is approved the device will attempted to be expressed ship within 1 to 2 business days
  • In the event that a reconditioned device is not available a replacement device will be sent that will match the originals type and quality

Please note that all replacement devices come with a 6 month warranty.  It should also be noted that all devices regarding approved claims will become property of the insurance company and will not be sent back to the customer.  If the customer does not return the replacement device to the insurance company they may be charged up to $900.


  • Submit or track a wireless phone claim
  • www.mywirelessclaim.com


We can be reached at sitepostone@gmail.com

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