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Talk To The Pea

Black-eyed Pea (not the rock band) customers can take part in a customer survey in relation to their most recent visit to this fabulous home style cooking restaurant.  To take the survey the customer will need the following items from their Black-eyed receipt:

  1. 14 digit survey code
  2. time of visit

Once the above information has been provided the customer will be asked a few questions in regards to their visit to the Black-eyed Pea.  Survey questions will range from a five point scales questionnaire that go from completely disagree to completely agree to multiple choice or yes/no questions.  Please note that the multiple choice questions require the customer to answer by choosing a specific answer. With yes or no questions, read the question and then select either yes or no.  The Black-eyed Pea customer will also be asked to provide a brief text box statement in relation to their visit.

At the end of the survey customers will be presented with a validation coupon code than can be used on their next visit to the Black-eyed Pea.  Please note the Black-eyed Pea survey coupon cannot be used with any other coupon or promotional items provided by the Black-eyed Pea.  The online SURVEY is designed by Black-eyed Pea to help improve customer satisfaction and store performance.

Black-eyed Pea

  • Home Style US based restaurant chain, with outlets primarily in Texas and Colorado
  • Based in Upper Kirby, Houston
  • Founded in 1975

The Black-eyed Pea restaurants in Colorado are operated by RMR Colorado, LLC, which is based out of Denver.  The Black-eyed Pea restaurants found in the state of Texas are owned and operated by Restaurants Acquisition I, L.L.C who are based out of Kirby.  The company was originally founded by Texas restaurateur legend Gene Street.  Gene was a f the people and opened the first Black-eyed Pea of Cedar Springs Road in Oak Lawn TX.


  • www.theblackeyedpea.com
  • www.talktothepea.com


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