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Total Defense My Rebate

  • Allows a customer to claim/find/track a rebate online
  • By collecting the rebate the customer will receive email and other correspondence from the Total Defense Reward Center
  • Customer can opt out of the emailing list by contacting customer service at customerservice@help.4myrebate.com

Total Defense product rebates do expire and customers must claim the rebate before the expiration associated with the product terms and conditions.  If the customer cannot find the offer code rebate on the site the rebate is no longer valid.

Total Defense Rebate Products

  1. UNLIMITED Internet Security
  2. Total Defense Anti-Virus
  3. Internet Security Suite
  4. PC Tune UP
  5. Premium Internet Security

From the homepage the consumer should simply Simply click on the region for the product that was purchased to locate the rebate offer.  To track a rebate that has already been applied for please provide the tracking number or email address used during the rebate sign up.

The time it takes for a customer to receive a rebate may take a few weeks or a few months.  Total Defense does offer a No-Wait Rebate service that allows a customer to receive their rebate in 5-7 business days BUT this will cost a “small fee”.

Other Relevant Facts and Information

  • Rebates can be received in the form of a Check or a VISA or American Express Prepaid Reward Card
  • Rebate payments are received 8-10 weeks after approved
  • The name on the rebate application is the name the rebate check will be made out to
  • Customer will have 90 days to cash the rebate check before it becomes void.  Rebate checks will not be reissued in this scenario
  • Rebate updates will be provided to the customer via email
  • Total Defense rebate Email confirmations are generally sent within a few minutes of application submission

Many Total Defense rebates have a limit on how many can be used.  The customer should refer to the terms and conditions of the purchase product to determine how many rebates can be submitted.

Total Defense Internet Security

  • Provides Internet security programs for PC’s, Smartphones and Tablets
  • Prices start at $40.00
  • Headquartered at 555 Twin Dolphin Plaza Suite 610 Redwood City, CA 94065 United States
  • For Free Installation Tips & Tech Support Service dial 1-877-205-7962

Total Defense specializes in the sales of Internet Anti-Virus& Anti-Spyware programs.  The firms markets themselves as:

“Total Defense Unlimited Internet Security is an easy-to-use, all-in-one subscription service designed to provide unlimited users and devices within a household with PC optimization, online backup, and protection for PCs, mobile devices and tablets against all forms of malware and other online threats.”

Total Defense generally receives favorable reviews from around the Internet and Tech Forums.

Other References

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  • Claim/track/find a rebate online
  • www.totaldefense.4myrebate.com


We can be reached at sitepostone@gmail.com

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